About Oils of Life

Oils of Life was formed October 29, 2013 to provide a site that will publish information on how Young Living essential oils can be incorporated into daily life.


The mission of Oils of Life is to provide a repository of useful information for Young Living distributors to be able to learn from and to encourage distributors to work together locally to help each other and share the joy of Young Living products with the world.


Publishing information on Young Living Essential Oils will continue to be this sites primary goal. But, we have learned through the growth of our cooperative orgranization called Heart Centered Living of New York, there has been significant interest in health and well being that goes beyond the use of essential oils. This has lead to the expansion of this site beyond it’s primary mission of just providing essential oils related information into the area of nutient dense foods obtained through techniques such as fermentation and old time cooking methods, such as producing bone broths.

For More Information

For more information about Young Living oils and how you can purchase them, visit Renee Guidelli’s Young Living Oils Page